Spin Spin is a small Melbourne studio designing and producing practical, quality handcrafted products for the everyday, including screen printed textiles, homewares and ceramics. 

Inspiration comes from minimalist patterns and colour palettes, Japanese & Scandinavian design, nature, indie music, Melbourne’s weather, politics and so much more. 

Textile designs start out as drawings and paintings which are then digitised and transferred to a silkscreen. Ceramic pieces are hand formed in organic shapes and are often unglazed. All work is produced in small batches.

Basecloth fabric includes linen, hemp & organic cotton. Clay work is made from porcelain and raku. Materials are chosen for their natural properties, beauty & quality but also have to be ethically produced and sustainable.



Susan Fitzgerald is the designer and maker behind Spin Spin. With a background in graphic design and editing and a love of textiles and photography, Susan brings a fresh approach to textile and product design. Her work is organic and minimalist, showcasing colour, pattern and texture.

Susan gained an arts degree with honours and then post-graduate qualifications in graphic design, before deciding to get away from the computer and work with tactile objects in the real world. She experimented with making screen printed book covers for a graphic design project and didn't look back, starting Spin Spin in 2008.

In her spare time Susan also take photos of artists' workspaces for a project called Studio Space.

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The studio




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