It's starting to look a lot like autumn/fall around Melbourne - the leaves are turning amazing colours and the weather is even weirder than normal. I've been wanting to go the Botanic Gardens for yonks, as it's been years since I've walked through. Today's forecast for some sun, combined with actually having some free time, meant this was the day. 

The gardens are situated right near the centre of the city and are huge - around 38 hectares (94 acres). And I chose the weekend of the annual plant sale, where you can buy plants propagated from some of the gardens' 10,000 species. How did I come home with only three plants?! I could have bought so many, but could not carry them! If you're interested in having a squiz and you read this in time, the sale is also on tomorrow, Sunday 17 April. More info here.

I feel so inspired by plants and gardens and the older I get, the more interested I become with  what looks good, what grows where and how I can have a bit more greenery in my life, so I went a bit snap happy. Here's a selection of shots of the gardens and also the War Memorial, which has the most amazing cacti.