The other day I was reading an article in Frankie magazine about bananas and how they're good for all sorts of things beyond eating, like cleaning houseplant leaves (using banana skin), getting splinters out of your skin - who knew - and as a hair masque. Yep, apparently it's a thing. So today I thought I'd test it out, as I'd much rather rub fruit in my dry hair than use horrible chemicals or weird smelling hair oils. And the verdict? My hair's softer and smoother and feels a lot better. Give it a try if you dare!


(Recipe from Frankie Issue 76)


1 ripe banana, peeled

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon coconut oil


Blend the banana, honey and coconut oil in until smooth. You might want to melt the honey and coconut oil if they've solidified. Wet your hair and, starting at the roots, massage the mixture into your hair, making sure it's covering all of your locks. Squeeze out any excess mixture and lightly wrap your hair in a towel, to remove any excess liquid. Then cover your head in a shower cap and leave for 15-30 mins. Rinse your hair thoroughly and style as normal, then admire your glowing locks.