Repeat, repeat, repeat

Spending a bit of time each day making patterns is the best meditation I’ve ever tried, though getting the repeat right can ruin the zen vibe! And sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple, right? This is today’s new pattern, developed from India ink brush strokes on paper.

I’m looking forward to getting some new patterns printed onto fabric, which I’ll then sew into clothes for myself. I’m thinking this, in black and on linen, would look good as a dress.



Spring’s here in Melbourne and change is in the air. Along with a lot of pollen. And cleaning, lots of spring cleaning. On warmer days it also means you might be able to go out with just a T-shirt and no jacket, wow.

I’ve been working on some new patterns lately, inspired by the change in weather, and here’s the first, Spring Days. It still needs a few tweaks but the colours are just how I wanted them. I’d quite like to wear this pattern as a T-shirt, so maybe it’s time to think about some digital printing…we’ll see.

Hope your October is going great!


New papergoods

It's nearly September...what?! To celebrate entering the ninth month of the year, all September orders will receive a little Hei Hey Hallo Hi! screen printed postcard. Cute! I'm also working on a little card idea using some multi-coloured designs I've created lately.

Also coming soon - some more art prints, on the best textured paper ever. It's taken me years to find a stock that I like and this is it (below). Hope you like too. Watch this space.

X Susan


I'm having a very drawing-y week, trying to get some recent and super old ideas refined. And I should clarify, when I say 'refined' I mean more like how I see them in my head, rather than more polished or professional looking. Because I like my work to be raw and real and sometimes sketchy, just like my favourite music and my favourite people :) This afternoon's task was redrawing (as in with pens) and scanning and recolouring a picture I did a while ago - all the combs of my childhood. So many memories in a comb! I think I used to study them and the shapes of some of them are etched in my mind. Here they are, and maybe one day soon they'll be an art print.

Happy Thursday!

Two-colour Sharpie patterns

When I get in a creative rut I like to try something new, to keep myself happy and push myself in other directions. Trying out a different technique of drawing/painting/colouring/whatever is usually a good way of doing this - just do something, anything, right now, as quickly as you can.

So when I felt in a funk yesterday I took time to draw a heap of patterns with a Sharpie, then scanned them and turned them into a handful of minimal two-colour patterns (my favourite). Happy Wednesday to you.

Pattern February

UM, HAPPY 2017. Glad we've got that over and done with, especially as it's mid-February already. 

My year has gone way too quickly but has been pretty great - it's summer, I've been swimming in pools and the bay and the ocean and eating lots of amazing fruit - two of my favourite summer things.

Last week, five days into February, I decided to set myself a challenge of spending an hour each weekday in Feb working on new patterns. IE: the one thing I really want to do but never seem to have time for. I'm so used to thinking about pattern and design in terms of screens and colour separations (for screenprinting) but for this project I've set no limitations. GO NUTS! The aim is to just create, starting on paper and then digitising. So far I've used tools I haven't used before or haven't used in a while - thick Sharpie pens, potato stamps, new paint brushes with India ink and a range of black felt pens I got in Japan. Here is a selection of what I've come up with.

Happy Tuesday!

Flowers  ©  Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Flowers © Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Melbourne  ©  Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Melbourne © Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Nature  ©  Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Nature © Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Fish  ©  Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Fish © Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Staples  ©  Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald

Staples © Spin Spin | Susan Fitzgerald


Not only is it September, but it's nearly the end of September. How did this happen? The Royal Melbourne Show is on, another radiothon is over for my favourite station RRR and it's definitely spring in still-cold Melbourne.

Here are some snaps of the things I've been working on lately - lots of ceramics, lots of watercolour patterns and lots of fabric (that I don't have proper photos of yet), soon to be added to the shop and/or for sale at some upcoming events

Lots of new ceramic spoons including the above.

Lots of new ceramic spoons including the above.

The first and only mug I've ever made. 

The first and only mug I've ever made. 

Lots of hand painted porcelain studs  now available in my shop .

Lots of hand painted porcelain studs now available in my shop.

I'm obsessed with pattern making in watercolour. This is my latest.

I'm obsessed with pattern making in watercolour. This is my latest.

I did an ink audit this week and sorted them by colour group. Pinks and reds win.

I did an ink audit this week and sorted them by colour group. Pinks and reds win.

This cake is  THE best banana cake ever . Thanks, Hello Lunch Lady.

This cake is THE best banana cake ever. Thanks, Hello Lunch Lady.

On a different not, today I listened to this podcast from The Jealous Curator while working (found via Tess at Creative Minds Publishing & CWC) and recommend it to any creatives who love hearing artists talking about their work and their thoughts. Sandra Eterovic is so generous with her thoughts and her ideas, what a gem.

And finally, there's a post about me at the Maribyrnong Makers Market blog. 


More watercolour patterns

Here are some watercolour patterns I painted yesterday and today, when I realised I had a full blank pad of watercolour paper that I'd forgotten I'd bought. I've been quite into making freeform watercolour doodles lately - it's fun and therapeutic and relaxing. And because I'm so colour restricted with screen printing and with ceramics, I've gone a bit nuts on colour overload. Who needs a colouring in book? 

Happy Friday.


I just love fruit and vegetables and most weeks I go to the local farmers market and buy produce directly from those who grew it. Although often not perfect looking, it tastes so good (and who wants perfect looking produce anyway?) I like that there's dirt on the potatoes, mushrooms and beets, that the apples and pears have russeting. 

The other day I decided to draw some of the produce I'd bought that weekend. I'm no great drawer but trust me when I say that the first few greylead sketches looked terrible. I was about to move onto doing something else but then I picked up a new pen I bought in Japan and it was like the pen took over (seriously!) and I was drawing things in a different way. And the drawings just all seemed to fit together. Yesterday I finally had time to sit down at my computer and turn the drawings into a pattern. I might yet tweak it a bit but think it might soon find itself onto a tea towel. 

Patterns: Watercolours (& fabric packs)

Because screenprinting requires a different separation for each colour, I tend to think about design/patterns in a certain way. As I'm also a massive fan of minimal colour palettes (two or three colours maximum), this has been just fine. But lately I've had a hankering for a change, so the other day I bought a set of watercolours. Here are a few patterns I've been playing around with (ie: me going colour crazy).

On a different note, I've just posted a couple of fabric packs in my Etsy shop. Snap them up while you can...