Repeat, repeat, repeat

Spending a bit of time each day making patterns is the best meditation I’ve ever tried, though getting the repeat right can ruin the zen vibe! And sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple, right? This is today’s new pattern, developed from India ink brush strokes on paper.

I’m looking forward to getting some new patterns printed onto fabric, which I’ll then sew into clothes for myself. I’m thinking this, in black and on linen, would look good as a dress.



Spring’s here in Melbourne and change is in the air. Along with a lot of pollen. And cleaning, lots of spring cleaning. On warmer days it also means you might be able to go out with just a T-shirt and no jacket, wow.

I’ve been working on some new patterns lately, inspired by the change in weather, and here’s the first, Spring Days. It still needs a few tweaks but the colours are just how I wanted them. I’d quite like to wear this pattern as a T-shirt, so maybe it’s time to think about some digital printing…we’ll see.

Hope your October is going great!