New Fine Art Print: Toiletries

OK, now you know too much about me, even down to my moisturiser of choice (Aesop Mandarin Facial Cream, so good!) and my favourite nail polish (Kester Black is the biz), because I drew them all and then turned that drawing into an art print. Is that weird? It feels a tiny bit weird. Oh well. The packaging of these objects are burnt into my brain, cos I use them all the time. And some of these things are sentimental, like the Mason Pearson hairbrush my mum got me for my birthday when I was a kid (thanks mum!) and the comb my friend gave me for my most recent birthday (thanks Em!) Oh, and my tip for nail clippers? Go to Muji. 

And a little heads up that all art prints are now available in A4 and *new* A3 size. They're all archival quality giclee prints, using the highest quality pigment inks, printed on fade resistant canvas paper (I just love that texture!) Hope you like.

X Susan


I'm having a very drawing-y week, trying to get some recent and super old ideas refined. And I should clarify, when I say 'refined' I mean more like how I see them in my head, rather than more polished or professional looking. Because I like my work to be raw and real and sometimes sketchy, just like my favourite music and my favourite people :) This afternoon's task was redrawing (as in with pens) and scanning and recolouring a picture I did a while ago - all the combs of my childhood. So many memories in a comb! I think I used to study them and the shapes of some of them are etched in my mind. Here they are, and maybe one day soon they'll be an art print.

Happy Thursday!